Diesel One Group is committed to always providing the best products and services, especially for transportation and heavy equipment (off/on road) needs for all customers.

Diesel One Group's flagship products include truck parts, heavy equipment, batteries, tires, and quality remanufacturing services. Real consumer experience and satisfaction since 2011 have made Diesel One Group the One Stop Solution for customers and the Best Partner for stakeholders.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • To become a multi-business company that continuously innovates in line with technological advancements to support the interests of all stakeholders in the mining, shipping, and timber logging industries.

  • Providing friendly service and quick response for customers.

    Offering the most comprehensive and quality spare parts with the most competitive prices.

    Providing after-sales service in the form of warranty systems to provide peace of mind for customers.

    Developing innovative product and service variations to serve and satisfy all our stakeholders.

    Making efforts to integrate Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility as company support to stakeholders.

Boards of Director

From 2011, Diesel One Group grown alongside customers and stakeholders to become a solution for the needs to grow together.

"DELIVER MORE THAN GOOD THINGS" is our culture to become the solution for every needs in many sectors, and maximizing human resources as a great team also our focus to be able to deliver the best solution to customer.

We believe that understanding and acting on social issues and communities is essential, it’s striving us to achieve leading standards in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Therefore, DIESEL ONE SOLIDARITY present to deliver kindness and love through every actions.

With a warmth welcome we hope DIESEL ONE GROUP can be part of your journey to achieve success and grow together sincerely.

Awards and Achievements

Achievements and Customer Appreciation of Diesel One Group

Authorized Dealership Certificate

150 Years Optibelt

Great Sales Achievement 2022

Highest Sales Growth 2020

Appreciation 2018

Customer Award 2017

Highest Growth 2018

Highest Sales Turnover 2017

Appreciation 2017

Highest Growth 2016

Highest Sales Growth 2016

Highest Growth 2016