Diesel One Group is Committed to Sustainability

Despite having various business entities under our umbrella, Diesel One Group also prioritizes its commitment to social activities within the community. This is reflected in our efforts through the Diesel One Solidarity foundation operating under the auspices of Diesel One Group.

The social activities we engage in cover diverse sectors such as education, religion, social welfare & health, as well as arts and culture. We have been conducting social activities since 2011, including programs like providing scholarships, organizing Eid al-Adha events, and assisting natural disaster victims.

We have high hopes that through the various social activities we undertake, growth is not only felt by Diesel One Group but also by the surrounding community that is also developing.

About Diesel One Solidarity

On November 1, 2021, an organization named Diesel One Solidarity was officially established with the aim of becoming a modern foundation that inspires active contribution to the intellectual advancement of the nation and the welfare of Indonesian society.

This foundation is built as a sustainable investment with infrastructure and innovation as drivers of economic growth and development. We are committed to assisting Indonesia in the international arena to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Based on the principle of legal propriety, Diesel Utama Solidarity Foundation and Kawula Muda Solidarity Foundation act as catalysts for future leaders of the nation with a high sense of social responsibility. Our collaboration with various parties makes us a trusted foundation to channel blessings to the community.

Pillars of Diesel One Solidarity

To establish and maintain mutual trust between stakeholders and the community, Diesel One Solidarity systematically implements programs that serve as pillars for us, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No. 9 of 202 concerning TJSL Business Entities, namely:

Sustainability Programs Implemented

Diesel One Group, together with Diesel One Solidarity, organized a social action by distributing 100 goodie bags containing basic necessities to the needy in the areas from Pecenongan, Glodok, to Blok M.

This social action received positive responses from the local community, who felt helped and appreciated by many parties. The success of this initiative further strengthens solidarity and care within their community.

Hopefully, this social action can serve as an inspiration for other communities to participate in helping others.
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