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Diesel One Group: Celebrating Independence in the Spirit of August 17

August 17th is a very special date for all Indonesians. For Diesel One Group, there is no better way to celebrate Indonesia's independence than by celebrating together. This year, we decided to mark this important moment with an unforgettable event at Diesel One Group's Head Office. The event was attended by all Diesel One Group employees.

On the bright morning of August 17th, Diesel One Group's Head Office transformed into a bustling center of activities. Employees from various units and branches gathered to celebrate independence and foster camaraderie.

There were many engaging activities during the event. A karaoke competition showcased hidden vocal talents within our team, while a fashion show competition allowed us to get creative with red-and-white outfits. Ping pong and chess tournaments tested our skills and dexterity, while traditional Indonesian games like sack races and cracker-eating contests brought laughter and a spirit of healthy competition.

The most anticipated moment was the event's highlight: the announcement of winners and the door prize. The fashion show was the main attraction, with participants vying to display their best independence-themed outfits. The festive atmosphere and cheers were unforgettable.

In addition to the excitement of the competitions and the announcement of winners, door prizes made the event even more special. Our employees had the chance to take home exciting prizes as mementos from the celebration.

Independence is the perfect time to celebrate togetherness, freedom, and the spirit of unity. Diesel One Group is very proud to celebrate this moment with all our employees. This August 17th event not only created beautiful memories in the history of Diesel One Group but also strengthened our bonds as a close-knit and enthusiastic family.

Diesel One Group's August 17th event at the Head Office is a testament to our commitment to celebrating the values of togetherness, healthy competition, and pride as Indonesian citizens. May the spirit of independence always burn in our hearts and continue to motivate us to perform better in serving our customers throughout Indonesia. Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!