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Sharing Goodness Through Garage Sale and Orphanage

Jakarta, Indonesia – In this dynamic era, doing good deeds has become easier and more varied. One form of goodwill practiced by Diesel One Group is through a garage sale. On February 14, 2020, Diesel One Group launched this unique initiative with the aim of providing assistance to children at the Mahadika Orphanage in BSD.

Diesel One Group demonstrates that kindness can come in many forms. This time, the company decided to hold a garage sale, where employees and friends outside the company donated quality preloved items. From clothing to electronics, everything was donated to be sold at affordable prices, starting from 1,000 rupiahs.

Diversity and inclusivity are part of Diesel One Group's spirit. Not only Diesel One Group employees but also employees from nearby offices in Pecenongan could participate in this activity. This is an example of how Diesel One Group strives to involve the broader community in doing good.

This garage sale was not only fun but also had a positive impact. From the sale of preloved items, a total of 25 million rupiahs was raised. These funds will be donated to the children at the Mahadika Orphanage in BSD. Diesel One Group hopes that this donation will help meet their needs and bring smiles to the children who need it.

This garage sale initiative is proof that every effort, big or small, can have a significant impact on others' lives. Diesel One Group aims to inspire people to do good deeds, whether through simple actions like donating preloved items or through larger efforts to help those in need.