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Diesel One Solidarity: Assisting Flood Victims in Jakarta and Bekasi at the Start of 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia – The beginning of January 2020 was a challenging period for many residents of Jakarta, Bekasi, and surrounding areas. Severe floods struck these regions, causing losses and hardships for thousands of residents. Diesel One Group, as a company that cares about community welfare, took swift action. They went directly to the field with the “Diesel One Peduli” initiative, providing essential supplies for flood victims, from infants to adults.

In emergency situations like floods, solidarity and support for one another are crucial. Diesel One Group felt a responsibility to assist the flood-affected communities by providing tangible aid. This assistance included various essential needs, from food to hygiene products.

One of the concrete actions of Diesel One Peduli was at the Pengadegan Flood Relief Post in Pancoran, South Jakarta. On January 7, 2020, a team from Diesel One Group went directly to this post to provide assistance to the flood victims. With a spirit of togetherness, they distributed much-needed supplies to the affected community.

The “Diesel One Solidarity” initiative was not just symbolic but a real testament to Diesel One Group's commitment to the community. They understood the difficulties faced by flood victims, especially regarding the availability of food, clothing, and other essential items.

In crisis situations like floods, the sense of community is invaluable. Diesel One Group not only provided physical aid but also hope and inspiration. Through this initiative, they aimed to encourage people to support and share with each other in any situation.

“Diesel One Solidarity” reflects the company's values of prioritizing social responsibility and community care. With this initiative, Diesel One Group seeks to foster deeper connections with the community, ensuring that the message of solidarity and care continues to thrive.