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Diesel One Adventure Team (DOAT): Strengthening Brotherhood and Environmental Care through Mount Papandayan Adventure

West Java, Indonesia – In the spirit of camaraderie and a love for adventure, the Diesel One Adventure Team (DOAT) was formed, an adventure community driven by the Diesel One spirit. Comprised of members ranging from the CEO, management, to staff, this community bridges hierarchical gaps in the workplace while fostering brotherhood and environmental awareness. One of their historic moments was the adventure of climbing Mount Papandayan from November 1-3, 2019.

The adventure of climbing Mount Papandayan, which reaches a height of 2,665 meters above sea level, marked DOAT’s first major achievement. Beyond providing new experiences, this adventure aimed to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among community members. The event also celebrated the birthday of Diesel One Group’s CEO, Mr. Dicky Yohanes, who turned 35.

The journey to the summit of Mount Papandayan took about four hours, with each challenging step accompanied by the team's unwavering spirit. After traversing the challenging route, DOAT members successfully reached the mountain's peak, a proud accomplishment.

In addition to celebrating achievements and strengthening bonds of brotherhood, DOAT is strongly committed to environmental cleanliness. They recognize the importance of preserving nature for future generations. During the climb, DOAT committed to maintaining cleanliness by collecting and properly disposing of trash around the Camp Area (Pondok Seladah). This act is a concrete manifestation of their love for nature.

The Diesel One Adventure Team (DOAT) is not just about physical adventures, but also about inner and emotional journeys. With each step taken together, each challenge overcome, and each moment celebrated, the Mount Papandayan adventure exemplifies how a community can grow and thrive through shared experiences.

With strengthened camaraderie and maintained environmental commitment, the Diesel One Adventure Team (DOAT) continues to move forward on unforgettable adventure trails. With every step they take, they are not only reaching for mountain peaks but also the peaks of togetherness and care.