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Empowering Communities Through “Sharing on the Road DONG !”

Jakarta, Indonesia – In 2019, Diesel One Group embarked on a journey of kindness with the theme “Sharing on the Road DONG!” (Diesel One Never Give Up). In the early morning of October 31, 2019, a meaningful charity event took place with the goal of spreading goodwill to those in need. Diesel One Group employees wholeheartedly participated, providing daily necessities, consumable goods, and cash donations, totaling over 60 million Rupiah.

“Sharing on the Road DONG!” is more than just a charity initiative; it’s a commitment to creating a positive impact on the community. Diesel One Group believes in the power of collective effort, and this event showcased their dedication to making meaningful changes in people's lives.

The charity event went beyond material aid distribution; it was about touching the hearts and souls of the community. Diesel One Group employees personally distributed assistance across various areas in Jakarta. This direct interaction fostered genuine connections, nurturing a sense of unity and solidarity.

The decision to hold the event in the early morning was a testament to Diesel One Group’s dedication. They understood that supporting the community required extra effort. By providing necessities, consumable goods, and cash, they aimed to alleviate immediate burdens and create a broader positive impact.

“Sharing on the Road DONG!” reflects Diesel One Group’s ethos of perseverance and compassion. By adopting the title “Diesel One Never Give Up,” they demonstrated their commitment to continually making a difference, even in challenging situations.

Diesel One Group’s charitable efforts go beyond financial contributions; they are about building a strong, supportive community. This event embodied the spirit of unity and proved that by working together, we can overcome obstacles and create a brighter future for all.